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The Architecture Studio cirQlar Arquitectura y Urbanismo, composed of a team headed by Jorge Miquelarena and Agustín Serrano, has gathered more than 25 years of experience in the development of both national and international projects, having worked mainly in Spain but as well as in other countries such as the Czech Republic, Romania, Uruguay and Argentina.

Our field of action encompasses urban planning; master plan; multifamily or detached residential buildings; public equipment in education, security, health, culture and sports; tower buildings with mixed uses; planning and development of infrastructures, events and exhibits; furnishing; amongst others.

The collaborating architects and engineers of various specialties are part of our team, cooperating together since the early days of our studio, which provides a proven work result with the same objectives.

The executed orders have as a common denominator the satisfaction of the costumer regarding his needs and proposed objectives, with the same sense of responsibility independently of the size or scale of the order. We conduct the development of our orders with a strict control by the client during all its stages, from the initial design, through the details, the execution of the construction process and the control of time limits and budget.

We believe that behind an outstanding work there is always an outstanding client, that is why when the orders are approached; we intend to create a positive synergy that manifests itself in the concluded job.

We firmly believe that design is a capital value in any kind of operation, attempting to generate as a result edifications with the power of simplicity, an austerity that is transformed into a rule, and a strong expressiveness of the materials in light-flooded spaces.

We can offer our clients the following services:

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